var Shape = Resolver()("shapes.Shape");
var Rectangle = Shape.variant("rectangle");
var fivefive = Rectangle(5,5,{fill:"color1"});
var Circle = Shape.variant("circle");
var eight = Circle(8, {stroke:"recessed"});
Fetch the previously defined Rectangle and Circle generator variant of the concrete generator for Shape, and make a new object. You can use an Alternate or Private Namespace by passing a namespace in the Resolver() call.
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BDConf, Best Mobile Web App HTML5 Conference ?

Looking at one of the presentations from the recent BD Conf, I wonder if I missed the conference of the year. Scott Jehl presented the design they made for The Boston Globe

It is indeed an impressive presentation of an equally impressive site. It presents the classic newspaper grid on a very wide range of devices. I think we know a lot about the nature of such content, so figuring out how to layout that on a range of devices is much easier than for other types of sites where the nature of the content is still being figured out.

Never the less so far I have several projects to have a look at,

It looks like nice work so far.

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